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At LAVO, we recently introduced an option for Waterless Manicures and I just wanted to take a few minutes to explain what a Waterless Manicure is and describe its benefits!

The short answer is that a waterless manicure is a manicure performed without soaking your fingers in water. The key benefit is that it will make your polish or gel last longer.

Why? Well, when you soak your fingers in water, your nail plates absorb water and expand. They do not have enough time to fully dry by the time lacquer or gel is applied. When the nail plates eventually do start to contract back to their regular size, this contraction affects the seal of the nail polish or gel, making them more susceptible to cracking or chipping. Long story short, if you're really concerned with having your polish or gel stay on for the longest possible time without cracking or chipping, you might want to opt for a waterless manicure.

Simply ask for your manicure to be "waterless" before your service starts and we'll take care of the rest!

Want to learn more? Check out these 2 great articles from InStyle and Harper's Bazaar that talk about the emerging popularity of waterless manicures:

At LAVO, we're always staying up to date with the latest in the nail care world. It's truly what we're passionate about and are excited to share the latest and greatest ideas we find with you!

We look forward to having you at LAVO soon! To make an appointment, please give us a call at: 281-346-8636