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So what is a natural nail salon?

By Trang Martin
· natural nails,health,wellness,Non-Toxic Nail Care

We’re not just LAVO nails, we’re LAVO natural nails and today I wanted to take some time to talk about what that really means.

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How is LAVO different from a typical nail salon?

Typical nail salons often use nail products that contain toxic chemicals. These products create harsh odors that are dangerous to inhale and there have been many recorded cases now of nail technicians who are exposed to these harsh odors day in and day out developing serious medical conditions from continuous exposure.

As a natural nail salon, we are committed to never using products that could cause harm to you or our staff. That means non-toxic products that don’t create the fumes and odors you’ll find in typical nail salons. We are 100% committed to providing a safe, healthy, and clean environment for our clients and our staff.

Do you carry healthier nail polish?

Yes, we carry polish free of toxic and harmful chemicals found in traditional nail polish. All of the nail polish we carry is free of Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), and Formaldehyde. These 3 chemicals have been found to be potentially harmful to humans and so brands have created nail polish known as 3-free that excludes these chemicals. We also carry 5-free, 7-free, and even 10-free nail polish. You’ll get to choose from brands like ZOYA, SpaRitual, elle+mila, NCLA, and Piggy Paint. And for gel, we carry Bio Seaweed Gel and NCLA Gel.

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And it goes beyond just our nail polish.


For our soaks, scrubs, and lotions, we use award-winning natural products that are paraben and sulfate free.

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At LAVO natural nails, we’re committed to you not only looking great, but feeling great too. We’re proud to offer a safe and healthy environment for everyone. That means LAVO is safe for expecting mothers, small children, our clients and also our staff.


We look forward to having you at LAVO soon! To make an appointment, please give us a call at: 281-346-8636